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About Quacky Quilter Haberdashery

We strive to keep the art of Quilting alive by selling notions & fabrics, Longarm quilting projects for customers, offering one of a kind commissioned pieces, & educating beginners & advanced crafters.

Our History

This is the story of how we became the Quacky Quilter Haberdashery.

Lisa- (mom)
She has been sewing ever since she would sneak downstairs to make Barbie doll clothes without a pattern at the age of eight. Her grandmother how was an amazing seamstress taught her how to embroidery. She took HomeEc & participated in 4H. Utilizing skills like crochet, knit, sewing, to learn how to insert darts, make scarves, & make A-line skirts. When she got married to a farmer/rancher she made clothes for her children & western shirts for her husband. In 1988 with the arrival of her 3rd child she made her first quilt. In 1990 she bought her first Brenette Serger & began to serge quilts for her nephews, nieces, & kids. She still loves to utilize this technique for the commissioned T-Shirt quilts she makes.

​Jamie- (daughter 2)
After graduating with her Business degree with a focus on Entrepreneurship she wasn't sure what her future held. Due to Jamie having an autoimmune illness & Fibromyalgia, Lisa decided to bring a life long dream of owning a Quilting business to life to allow Jamie a flexible schedule. Jamie started Longarm quilting in 2011 when she & Lisa opened their business. Doodling in her school notebooks finally found a creative outlet in a business setting. While sick a duck egg was found in the yard & after research & patience JJ the duck was hatched. After him, Jamie had a pet duck named Messer. She was a doll and a delight. It is her duck silhouette that graces our publications. Jamie's quilting style lends itself to projects that need edge2edge quilting all the way to award-winning custom quilted artwork. She is the proud quilter of several ribbons awarded quilts, including a customer's quilt that landed the award for Best commercial quilted quilt at the Nebraska State Fair in 2016 & a group pieced project honoring Nebraska's 150th Statehood that took home Chadron's Festival of Quilts Best of Show, where 250+ quilts were on display for judging. Jamie quilts on a 2013 Gammill Optimum 30" throat with Statler Stitcher.

​Abby- (daughter 1)
She graduated in 2002 with a degree to be a Massage Therapist. After graduating she moved from Lincoln back closer to home. Setting up her practice in McCook. 16 years later and she still loves the work she does. In 2015 she won a long-standing battle to get her mom Lisa, & sister Jamie to move to McCook to open up a Quilt store to accompany their Longarm Quilting & Commissioned pieces studio. With the victory was born Quacky Quilter Haberdashery, a quaint quilt shop with plenty of personalities. Abby was adamant that she would never be a quilter. When her mom & sister moved in they took over her shop & her free time. In January of 2016, Abby made her first quilt. It was a Jacob's ladder wall hanging. Since then she has jumped full force into quilting. She is now the favorite class teacher at the quilt shop. From applique to paper piecing she loves everything she has done.

​Pupper Management-
The shop has three quality control agents. Our old barky German, aka dachshund, Tuffy or Mr Wienie loves people he just thinks he has to bark to get your attention.

​Iron Lady is our perfect meet & greeter. We call her Ladybug or Ladybird. She is our rescue pup. We got her in 2017. She is part Border Collie & part Corgi. Lady is full of energy and loves. She hogs petting attention & treats from Mr Wienie.

​Last but not least the new kid on the block. He is a little hell beast, but we love him all the same. His Lordship the Duke of Chuffwellington Lord Button, or for short Button, Lord B, or Baby B. We rescued him from our local Humane Society in the summer of 2018. His mom is Abby, but we all pitch in to keep an eye on him (the best we can, minus the Babylock cord he chewed :| oops it wasn't plugged in, so we are all good!)

Our Expertise

The 3 of us have different tastes & talents allowing us to accomplish a wide variety of projects. Let us help you tackle yours!

  • Applique, hand- Abby loves it
  • Applique, machine- Lisa loves it
  • Binding, hand- Abby & Lisa love it
  • Binding, machine- Lisa loves it
  • Borders- Lisa & Abby love it
  • Color theory- Jamie loves it
  • Computerized LAQ- Jamie loves it
  • Cozy Quilts Strip tube ruler- We all love it
  • Curved piecing- (ie SKW) Abby loves it
  • Designing- Jamie loves it
  • Hand dyeing fabric- Abby loves to
  • Embird design software- Jamie loves it
  • EQ7 design software- Jamie loves it
  • Fabric inks- Abby loves them
  • Fabric selection- Jamie loves it
  • Free motion LAQ- Jamie loves it
  • Friendship stars- Lisa, Abby, & Jamie love them
  • Piecing- Lisa & Abby love it
  • Piecing, Paper- Abby loves it
  • Superior Threads- We all love them
  • T Shirt Quilts- Lisa loves them
  • UFOs- We've all got them :)
  • Wholecloth- Jamie & Abby love them

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity and memories that will last a lifetime(plus.)

We treat every project that comes into our shop as though it's ours. We love and care for them. When we finish a quilt it is made with the very best craftsmanship we have to offer. Each class we offer is geared to helping you get the job done. We don't mind if you're a beginner with 100 questions or a seasoned quilter helping lead the way. We love seeing the joy in our customer's faces when they complete their beautiful projects. We commit ourselves to help keep the love of quilting alive in our community & yours.

Sewing every stitch with love

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